Prescott Wedding Walk 2010

We had so much fun last Saturday at our booth for the Prescott Wedding Walk. I absolutely loved getting to meet new people and hear their plans and ideas! I was able to give tips and hints and it was just so much fun.
We had great give-aways! Mini- notebooks and mini 'emergency' wedding day kits went to all the brides. I also had an Inspiration Design Package worth $350; that was one of the prizes raffled off at the end! 
There was an interactive inspiration board with ideas for colors, dresses and decor. Brides and their friends could come and 'play'. Designing and trying out different ideas was one of our exclusive fun displays of the day.
This style of show was a brand new concept for bridal shows and I think it was a great first year!  The brides were treated like VIP's and got so much free stuff and great food. Makes me want to be a bride again....okay maybe not. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and made the day so enjoyable.


Congrats Rebecca and Adam!

What do you do when you are on a super tight budget? Think out of the box, use what you have, can get for free and get really creative.Adam's family has hired our company several times for his siblings weddings, of course we would serve them again. We love their family so very much!
The bride was not from this area and money was a little tight with all the traveling they were going to be doing, so we got creative. Rebecca said they both loved the outdoors and would like that feel inside the hall. Home Depot tree lot provided us with several truck loads of branches from Christmas trees. We gathered buckets full of pinecones. With spray roses, ribbon and a little bit of magic here and there, we were able to create their woodsy winterland.

Our pictures here are with all the lights on but when the lights were down a bit, the hall glowed not only from candles but with the love that this couple shares.

Hey Adam and Rebecca why don't I have a picture of you??? This sweet couple traveled more than 5 hours to get to their reception site and we were so grateful that we were able to create an evening where their families could relax and enjoy each other's company. May only sweet things come your way as your marriage grows!


Congrats TJ and Vanessa

November 21 was a day that two beautiful people made a commitment for eternity! Vanessa's family lives in New Jersey, Vanessa and TJ live in Utah and TJ's family lives in the Phoenix metro area. Through the blessings of the internet and all this awesome technology we use each day, an incredible day was created. A lounge area where relaxation was key
What do you do with 100 photos? Make 4 giant ribbon boards and hang the gorgeous couple everywhere!

Black floor length linens with damask runners and amazing flowers graced the tables.
Before we were even hired Vanessa's mom sent about 10 photos of exactly what they wanted! I love it when a bride has a vision and we can create the magic to make it all come true. Black damask and hot pink were all the rage that day! Vanessa and TJ are just the best looking couple we have ever met and they are just as charming! Details mean everything so damask was every where from accents on the clips for their pictures to the bathroom accessories.Photo credit: Simply Knot Photography

Vanessa and the girls had so much fun dancing. The food was simply yum! TJ looked incredibly happy. We hope you both have a charmed life full of a lot of adventures! Thanks for letting us help make some magic for your day. Congrats.


Audree and Cody!

I've been best friends with Audree's mom forever. I am sure we were friends even in a life before this. So when Audree and her beau Cody annouced that they were planning their wedding, I was so excited because she is practically my baby too! What an incredibly sweet day this was. I even had some of those 'emotions of the day' tears. They wanted a woodland theme so we first started with creating an image for their invites which you see above. This was also embellished on a wooden plaque for their welcome table.

We wanted to keep the beauty of the state park evident and used natural elements like moss, river rocks and natural plants. We had placed bark along the sides of the path to create an aisle.

I had seen this fabulous idea of placing the chairs in a spiral for the wedding ceremony in Bride and Bloom. I am telling you that this was MAGIC!!!! All the guest had intimate contact with the bride as she was walking the spiral. Audree had waited at the top of the lagoon and then walked down to the grove of trees. Cody walked out of the spiral to escort her in. All of their family members were in the tight part of the spiral where they were married. This was a simply amazing detail that changed the whole feeling of the ceremony. It was truly intimate for every guest.

The tables  were covered with burlap linens and  a green crinkle taffeta runner. Wooden platters had logs which were carved with their intials and things like Cody loves Audree. We used ferns, moss, river rock and succulents for the base. The succulent plants were excellent holding the shape and could be replanted afterwards.

 Here is the beautiful bride and her equally beautiful mom!

Since the wedding was in the middle of the afternoon, they opted for having a light meal right afterwards instead of a big fussy reception that evening. There was amazing cheeses, organic soups, baquettes, fruits and nuts. It was an elegant and simple meal.

They had this delish ginger biscotti cheese cake instead of regular old wedding cake. The cake topper was this adorable set of goblins kissing; this was made by the brides sister. So Cute!
This day served up the best of what weddings can be. Personal and real! It was about two young people truly in love and wanting to share that with their family and friends. The music and location were amazing and every part of the day was a reflection of what really matters. Congratulations Audree and Cody! I just know that you will have a happy and magical marriage!


Congrats Ashley and David!!!

Some couples just radiate happiness! Ashley and David , blessings on your marriage! You were both so full of energy and joy even at the end of the evening. We had a lot of fun creating a colorful reception for you. The sunset was heaven's blessing for you both. We have never ever seen so many different flavors of cake at once. My favorite was the fresh raspberry. Yum! This was so great and we thank you for letting us be part of it all!


The part of life

There are some changes we are making within our company to re-invent and have more fun at serving you. So today I was researching some Latin phrases, everybody does that right?

There was this phrase that came screaming out at me from my book:
Exigua pars est vitae quam nos vivimus
It was attributed to Seneca and it means: The part of life we really live is short.
So I stopped and thought about it. Am I really living? Am I having fun and laughing? Am I traveling on this journey focused on the end or loving every minute of it?
I think that one reason people love watching others in love is because they are really living. Taking a chance on love, believing in hope, discovering wonder with their partner and really focusing on creating a life with another person.
If today, you have kind of got that 'stuck in a rut' thing going on, take a moment and find some wonder and grasp it. Really Live!


New York Fashion Week

Photo credit: Reuters/Eric Thayer

Any good designer does not take last year's weddings and make them for her brides. Following fashion and architecture styles helps keep things fresh.
Christian Siriano just featured his new Fall 2009 collection at the New York Fashion Week on the 19th.
His colors were surprising with bronze, taupes and blues. I am definitely seeing the bottom of this dress as an awesome cake table display. Just imagine the layers and layers cascading down to the floor to highlight your cake.
Look around and find things outside of the wedding magazine "box", you might just surprise yourself.


Boys want to have fun too!

We were asked to design, decorate and serve for the District Awards Dinner for the Boy Scouts of America. Wow! What a change from creating a beautiful elegant wedding reception.

This awards dinner is a big deal to these men and women, so I wanted it to be special. Unfortunately, even the BSA has been hit by the economy. So it was a bare-bones budget. It was held at a local curch that graciously donated space.

I did not realize how intense these meeting are. They sing songs about animals and have interesting little rituals. If you are a "fox", "beaver" or "crow" it is like sacred stuff! The evening was a huge sucess!

The theme was Woodbadge. This is a leadership course that adults take to become better guides and mentor to the boys. The theme comes with a huge log and ax. We incorporated the menus, the food serving tables and the awards table into the rustic camping idea.

Using burlap and pinecones with a little satin thrown in, the guests tables were perfect.

Throughout the evening there were many happy people. These leaders deserve to be treated like the amazing people they are. They give so much of their time and service to young men and women.

Thank you so much for letting us serve you.


Can't you just see it?

My sweet husband whisked me away for a couple of nights sans kiddos! We had a marvelous time running around our little escape town. I fell in love with this hallway and can just imagine a bride walking down with her dress trailing behind. Remember to look around the venue you have chosen to find little hideaway places that would make great pictures ahead of time. This was actually in between the parking garage and the hotel.


65th wedding anniversary

It is what we all dream of.... growing old together, walking hand and hand through the years, looking into each other's eyes when we are 80+.
As I congratulated Dot on her 65 years of marriage, her words to me were..."Oh it went by so fast, he is such a good man"
I honestly started crying right there.

Their son Bob called me on Monday to put together the room for an intimate dinner for 13 on Saturday. After their family dinner the room was to be opened up for a cake and coffee reception for friends. We had about 40 minutes to get everything just perfect. It was a delightful evening for their family and we were blessed to be able to serve them in a small way. I am so wishing Dot and Robert strength and health this year as their years together are a testament that marriage can and does work!